What and Why?

What and Why?

FragezeichenWhy – the motivation

ElektroautoYou drive an electric car. The battery is running low and you need to charge. You come to the charging station, but it is occupied. You have no way to reach another station and you need to charge – NOW!

What – the solution

QR-CodeUnplugsticker gives you the opportunity to contact the driver of the charging electric car and ask her to clear the charging station. In addition, as the owner of the vehicle you can use the Unplugsticker to indicate how long the charging process is likely to take.

If you scan the QR code of the unplug sticker (e.g. with a smartphone) and open the included link in the browser, you get the information how long the car will occupy the loading station and you also get the possibility to contact the owner of the car.

The advantages

With an unplug sticker on your car, the days of having a guilty conscience when your car is charged at a public charging station are over: if necessary, you can be contacted at any time, and on the channel you prefer – currently email or SMS. You can determine the degree of anonymity yourself:

  • SMSSMS: The requester is given the opportunity to send a direct SMS, i.e. the telephone number is made known. However, this gives the possibility of a direct exchange of information.
  • emailEmail: Unplugsticker will send an email notification to the given address. There is no possibility of direct communication, but the notification is completely anonymous.
  • Instant-Messaging per XMPP protocol.

And via the virtual charging disc you can indicate how long you expect to keep the charging station occupied.

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